An out-of-tune musical instrument is not broken; it merely requires tuning to produce a harmonious sound. And tuning is simply a matter of rebalancing the tension within the instrument: adjusting the guitar strings, the drum head, or the slide. When tensioned properly, an instrument is "in tune" and enables the creation of harmony.

In like manner, symptoms of disease manifest in humans when the tension in our body-minds is imbalanced. Disproportionate distribution of tension creates physical-emotional discord and dissonance (literal dis-ease); holistic balance of tension enables harmonious vibrational resonance, which is health.

Somatic Attunement is the human equivalent of tuning an instrument. It is an approach to health and well-being that understands most symptoms of dis-ease as an indication of imbalanced tension, not a sign of a person being broken, defective, or in need of repair like a car. Humans are music, not machines; we are embodied consciousness, not computers. Inanimate systems cannot self-heal; living beings can. Somatic Attunement is the scientific art - and artful science - of supporting you in reconnecting with this innate, self-healing capacity. Ready to create alignment, harmony, and health in your life? Explore more on the "What is Somatic Attunement?" page, or contact me to schedule a free consultation.

Somatic Attunement is...

Holistic Somatic Re-Education and Healing for:

  • emotional regulation
  • trauma resolution
  • creativity enhancement
  • somatic intelligence and holistic cognitive fitness
  • grief
  • life transitions
  • psychedelic integration
  • recovering academics
  • holistic health
  • life generally!

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy." ~ Nietzsche

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The modern mind-body duality is out. Emergent holism is in.

"Reason's last step is the recognition that there is an infinity of things which is beyond it." ~ Blaise Pascal