Sessions and Workshops

I offer two main types of services: individual sessions and workshops or trainings for groups, organizations, and companies.

Individual sessions

Individual sessions are 60 or 90 minutes and custom-tailored to each individual to address your unique needs. Rather than trying to fit you into a pre-established formula, procedure, or proprietary 10-step plan promising spiritual enlightenment or economic success or whatever (there are thousands of self-help, pop-psy, new age-guru books and programs along these lines, and I have no intention to replicate such endlessly recycled, cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches), my approach is to develop an authentic dialogue with you, such that we co-create your experience as we go. This strategy is actually a substantive component of your healing process. I cannot directly heal anyone, but with a little support and guidance, you can learn to engage your own somatic mind's immense wisdom and self-healing, self-teaching abilities such that, at a certain point, you can forget me entirely and go out into the world and support others to do the same! In this way, my individual sessions merge into the collective work that I do, per below.

Group and organization workshops and trainings

Humans are inextricably social-relational creatures. With nearly 8 billion of us on the planet today (yes! we've added 6 billion humans to the planet in the past 100 years), there is a vital need for creating trauma-informed and holistically intelligent cultures, communities, and organizations. Human cognition is far more than conceptual-analytical thought, as is disproportionately emphasized in modern industrial cultures. To be holistically intelligent, trauma-sensitive, and thus supportive of optimal individual-relational functioning, we must learn to engage the vast intelligence of the somatic mind, or embodied cognition. Indeed, as my doctoral research shows, 99% of cognition is non-conceptual: it is qualitative, aesthetic, emotional-affective, sensory, and tangible.

When we learn to cultivate such embodied cognition, virtually everything else in our lives is elevated as a result: personal health, communication, group dynamics, decision making, planning, managing, learning, and creativity. Like with individual sessions, I custom create a program for whatever unique organization, group, or company I'm working with. We will establish a dialogue through which I can engage your group and teach, through experiential workshops and/or trainings, how to be trauma-informed and incorporate embodied, holistic intelligence into your organization and work.

So, rather than the standard jet-setting consultant strategy of swooping in, spewing a bunch of trendy-sounding technical language, giving a PowerPoint presentation, and acting as an organizational cheerleader that merely temporarily inspires people through flashy but vacuous and abstract quotes and slogans, my approach is based on engaging you and your inherent embodied intelligence as it manifests within and can be developed to sustainably benefit your group, organization, or company in relation to your unique work and sociocultural-economic ecology.

If any of this strikes your fancy, please reach out through the contact form below, or call me at (720) 414-0516, and we will schedule an initial conversation to discuss how we can work together.